Bryann’s Thank God Challenge now over

The #ThankGodChallenge issued by Bryann after the release of his new trending jam has now ended. The #ThankGodChallenge , which was done in collaboration with Raypower FM was done within a month. The challenge winner would win a whooping sum of #150,000, 2nd place wins #100,000 and 3rd place wins #75,000 and lots of prizes involved as well. When interviewed , Bryann said he did this in a way to give back to the community. This challenge which had hundreds of participants all over the country one of the biggest give aways done by any artiste in 2018 and its safe to say Bryann is touching lives with his new jam in every way … The winners handle on IG from 1st place to the last;

1st place ; @talentedjassey, 2nd place; @danceglitch , 3rd place; @Lizzytarbet_arts , 4th place; @Pretty_queenann , 5th place; @Lumee_m , 6th place; @Iamp_rex and 7th place; @Femophantom …. Cogratulations to all winners and participants!!

Download the song ‘ Thank God ‘