“Heaven and earth adore him,angels bow before him….and those lines open up the inspirational and soul lifting song by the self acclaimed Son Of The Mic, “Kingdavid”.
More often than not, the trend is to switch from gospel to circular music,however, Kingdavid has done the exact opposite,moving from circular to gospel via a divine mandate. This has led to success on every single released since making the turnaround.
Alagbawi Mi, translated to mean My Advocate, is already making waves even without it been released officially yet. It is no surprise that the song is received in all circles. Produced by topmost producer, Pheelz (MrProducer).
Alagbawi Mi is a song for all seasons, either for thanksgiving, building up of your faith or just leading you into his presence.
With lyrics like ” a you are the glorious God of Wonder and I have tasted of your power……Lord I bow to worship you…”, alagbawi mi would get you to put it on repeat mode”.