Ten things you didn’t know about Bryann

With the sensation hit “Thank God” still topping the charts everywhere. We have listed out top ten things you didn’t know about Bryann ; 

  1. His full name is actually Brian Ebuka Chiji. 
  2. He was born October 28, 1997 which makes him 20 years and also a Scorpio.
  3. He loves to read Sci fi novels with African themes and also wants to be a director as well. 
  4. He’s the only son from two kids in his family .
  5. He’s naturally a traveler and always wants to experience new culture especially African ones especially South African culture and music which influenced his hit “Thank God”.
  6. He is also a producer as he produces most of his music because he likes to be in control of his own content. He produced his hit “Thank God” and also his previous single “Attention”.
  7. He started music officially in the year 2017 with his first track titled “Attention” under the label C4 records.
  8. He’s a current student of Babcock university and in his finals.
  9. He grew up in Festac in Lagos state but hails from imo state. 
  10. His song “Thank God” was on the Beat FM Top 10 Alternative chart this year. 

If you didn’t know all of these about Braynn “with the double n” you’re welcome… 

Download and watch “Thank God” by Bryann